Don Griffiths came to the Waikato from the South Island in 1959 and after working at Tirau Earthmovers decided purchase his own D47u bulldozer and “have a go”. Hard work and long hours doing swamp clearing, contouring and race building and most other things. With the future in mind he had a drain cleaner made to his specifications and bolted it onto the D4. This was the beginning of many innovative ideas that helped establish Don Griffiths Ltd, formed in 1972.

It was in 1981 that Don, with son Kevin introduced laser for controlled grading for accuracy in fall enabling the trenching to work faster a much cleaner. The next purchase was a vibratory plough which enabled the company to negotiate a deal with the Post Office (now Telecom) to lay cabling.

In the mid 80’s Don Griffiths Ltd took off in two directions. The drainage operation expanding into the Waikato and the introduction of fibre optic cabling with the mole ploughing machinery and expertise. The company has since laid more than 20 million metres of cable using this method.

Throughout the years Don’s sons, Kevin, Alan and Michael have been in the business bringing their engineering, draughting and computer skills with them.

Today Kevin and his wife Sandra own the business with Michael heading up the drilling division.


The Team - A highly experienced team boasting extensive knowledge of all aspects of drainage, irrigation, drilling , ploughing, thrusting and rock sawing.

Sandra Griffiths – Office Management. A dedicated, hard working shareholder with a heart of gold, Sandra keeps the lads in order!

Kevin Griffiths – Operations and design. Kev’s many years of engineering, surveying and drilling experience is of great benefit to our customers, working closely with them to determine precise parameters of the project, the required timeline and the budget. Then making sure we provide exactly what we promise. 

Michael Griffiths – The drilling guru with more than 20 years hands on experience, from all terrain with the Rock Drill to all aspects of Directional Drilling.