When faced with a new project, the Don Griffiths team is adept at evaluating the parameters of a project, and recommending a course of action to clients; according to their level of resources and requirements. After agreeing on a way forward, our team is committed to following through and delivering to our clients’ expectations.

Our work ethic has meant that we’ve stayed successful in this industry for a long time – and we’re proud of the work that we do. 



There’s a lot that comes with moving water from A to B, and it can take precision, skill and heavy machinery to solve your drainage problems in a cost effective way. Don Griffiths have specialised in drainage solutions since our early days, and when it comes to drainage and drainlaying, we really can do it all.

In finding a problem, we look to find the best way to solve it, with accuracy, discipline, innovation and experience. Our team can work with a range of drainage and trenching techniques; mole ploughs, underground drainage systems, drain mapping, trenchless drilling and land recovering irrigation systems, providing cost-effective solutions for every project.

If you’re a contractor or farmer with a subsoil drainage problem, it might be time to get in touch with us on 07 888 5724 to talk about how we can help you out.

Our skills are unmatched in the Matamata region, meaning we’re the preferred suppliers of the following drainage services for contactors and individuals in the region:

  • Subsoil drainage
  • Drainage/ trenching
  • Mole ploughing
  • Underground drain location
  • As-built drainage mapping
  • Trenchless drilling
  • Irrigation
    • Specialists in farm drainage
Mastenbroke in action
Mastenbroke in action
Mastenbroke on truck



One of our specialist areas is in directional drilling, with other core services in thrusting and rock drilling. Our team’s combined knowledge and experience with telecommunications, power, water, effluent pipe, and irrigation systems means that we can offer industry insights and excellent standards to our clients.

A few big machines haven’t hurt our reputation either; our technology enables us to be cost effective and efficient when drilling, thrusting or rolling out systems. We also use horizontal drilling for its benefits in cost efficiency and minimal land disruption. Our techniques are best practice, meaning you can rest assured knowing that your drilling project is being managed by good hands.

 Below are some of the drilling services we offer:

  • Directional Drilling
  • Thrusting
  • Rock drilling
    • Specialising in telecommunications, power, water, effluent pipe and irrigation.

Give us a call at any time during the week to discuss your drilling and project requirements, or submit an enquiry form and Sandra will get in touch with you.

Drilling work 2

Directional Drills



In our time as a business, ploughing has become one of our routine services. We’re skilled in cable installation, instilling micro-ducts for telecommunication systems, and cabling for power, water and communication purposes. Recently, we’ve been ‘stuck in’ with fibre optic cabling and cable installation for high speed internet providers. If you can cable it – chances are we’ve done it, and we can deliver quality ploughing and cabling services for you too.

We have the latest technology, systems and machinery to cable with efficiency, skill and cost effectiveness. Our technique means we can be quick, relatively non-invasive, and versatile in which projects we take on. We’ve been across multiple industries, and while the basis of what we do is unchanging, we also reap the benefits from understanding the nuances between power, water, and telecommunication systems.

If you have a project with ploughing or cabling needs, give us a call on 07 888 5724 to discuss your requirements and we’ll evaluate the project before coming back to you with our recommendations.

  • Cable installation
  • Micro duct for telecommunications
  • Power, water and phone cabling
Mole plough
Mole plough
Mole plough in action


Rock Saw

When it comes to rocksawing, our state of the art equipment means we can deliver clean cut ducts for power, water, telecommunication and irrigation systems, every time. Our team are highly trained in rocksawing procedures, and understand and work to industry best practice codes.

In starting on a project, the team will evaluate the land, duct requirements and land gradient, before setting out to cut through the rock, leaving a crevice 125mm wide and 900mm deep.

Rocksawing is useful in installing water pipes, sewage and stormwater mains, cables for data, communications, fibre optic internet and power industries. We can work on a wide range of terrains and gradients. The Don Griffiths techniques are cost effective, high quality and demonstrate industry thought leadership.

  • Clean Cut
  • Ducting for power, water, phones and irrigation
  • 125mm wide X 900 deep.

If you’d like to talk to one of our team about rocksawing, or any of our services, you can call us at the office on 07 888 5724 at any time during the week to discuss your requirements.



Rock Drilling

With state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, combined with the thinking talent of the Don Griffiths team, you can leave your rock drilling project to us. Our professionalism and understanding of rock drilling requirements and risks has meant we’ve been called on regularly to engage in drilling rock on all terrains; specialising in drilling and ploughing for telecommunications, power, water, effluent pipe and irrigation systems, on farms, under roads, off-road or in residential areas.

The Don Griffiths team would love any opportunity to discuss your drilling contracts or cabling and irrigation related projects with you. Please call Sandra on 07 888 5724 at any time during the week to discuss how we work, what we do with rock drilling, and how we can help you.

  • All terrain rock drill
  • Directional